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Global Ministries Foundation’s

Stephen Olford Ministry legacy Project

Preach the Word. Reach the World.

our Mission

To extend and expand the preaching/teaching ministry of Dr. Stephen Olford by equipping, empowering, and entrusting faithful pastors and church leaders to conduct institutes and schools of expository preaching in their own countries, making the training relevant and transferable within their own cultures. 


We offer a variety of 4-day intensive courses to train pastors and church leaders in expository preaching and biblical leadership.


Pastors and church leaders who complete our institutes may qualify to become legacy coordinators to train others in expository preaching using master sets of DVD’s and notes provided by the project.

What our Attendees are saying

Real comments from real people who have received our training.

Upcoming events

Feb. 8-11, 2022: Expository Preaching and Teaching Essentials

The focus of this foundational Institute is the faithful clear exposition of God’s Word delivered in the power of the Holy Spirit. Those seeking to develop their expository preaching and teaching ministries will receive practical and personal training that will help in the preparation and delivery of messages and/or lessons that have the priority of “rightly dividing the word of truth.” Details and processes related to sermon/lesson preparation and delivery will be addressed as well as the essential spiritual dynamics that are a part of a faithful preaching and/or teaching ministry.

This course begins at 9:00 AM Tuesday and concludes at 1:00 PM on Friday.

Registration closes January 31, 2022.

Register online or email for more information.

Feb. 22-25, 2022: Strengthening Expository Preaching
Go deeper and appreciate more fully the different genres of the Word of God and key issues in Biblical proclamation. The goal is sharpening our understanding of the diversity of Scripture as we seek to be faithful to the text and to the unity of Scripture and its fulfillment in Christ. Specific aspects of sermon development and delivery will be addressed also, such as illustration and application. The purpose is to help participants develop deeper and richer message content while maintaining clarity and simplicity in sermon delivery.

This course begins at 9:00 AM Tuesday and concludes at 1:00 PM on Friday.

Registration closes February 14, 2022.

Register online or email for more information.

Mar. 1-4, 2022: Practical Preaching and Teaching Workshop
This special and intensive workshop offers a small-group atmosphere designed to improve the preaching and/or teaching skills of the participant. The participants will preach or teach God’s Word and receive constructive personal feedback and critique. Each participant will submit a sermon/lesson manuscript besides actually preaching and/or teaching. Helpful peer interaction is an important aspect of this workshop. As needed we will also discuss planning a preaching calendar. This course is limited to 5 participants to maximize individual attention.

This course begins at 12:00 PM Tuesday and concludes at 1:00 PM on Friday.

Registration closes February 8, 2022.

Register online or email for more information.

May 3-6, 2022: Essentials of Biblical Leadership

This institute is designed to present and explore biblical principles related to Christian incarnational leadership. The personal life, development, and qualifications of the leader will be discussed. Critical and relevant aspects of leadership practice will be studied. Such issues as leadership training and developing leadership in the local church will be addressed. This institute is applicable to those in the local church context, but it is also relevant to those who want to engage with biblical truth and principles related to leadership practice and skills.

This course begins at 9:00 AM Tuesday and concludes at 1:00 PM on Friday.

Registration closes April 25, 2022.

Register online or email for more information.

July 26-28, 2022: Evangelistic Expository Preaching
The purpose of this institute is to ignite evangelistic zeal and to equip participants to faithfully proclaim the Gospel. Special attention is given to the content of the Gospel message, the preparation of evangelistic messages, and to the essentials of evangelistic proclamation and invitation. Guidelines for follow-up work, discipleship training and biblical church growth round out the course.

This course begins at 9:00 AM Tuesday and concludes at 4:00 PM on Thursday.

Registration closes July 18, 2022.

Register online or email for more information.

Certificate Program

Students can earn a Certificate in Expository Preaching and Teaching upon completion of the various courses above and additional focused reading assignments, preaching/teaching and writing assignments, and various practical assessments.

Graduates will have the distinction of being “Stephen Olford Fellows,” which indicates a person’s commitment to expository preaching and teaching and a desire to promote expository preaching and teaching in the future.

All institutes are taught by:

Dr. Ted Rendall – resident minister and professor with Olford Ministries International and curator of the T.S. Rendall collection, a 30,000+ volume ministry research library, Chancellor Emeritus of Prairie Bible Institute,

Dr. David Olford – president of Olford Ministries International and resident lecturer at GMF’s Stephen Olford Center,

Dr. Stephen Olford (via DVD) – founder of Olford Ministries International and GMF’s Stephen Olford Center,

Guest lecturers – experienced preachers who are experts in their fields are sometimes invited to supplement curriculum. Guest lecturers will be noted in the course descriptions above when possible.


How GMF’s SOML project is empowering expository preaching and teaching training.

Miguelito Pabilonia Trains 32 Pastors in the Philippines

Miguelito Pabilonia has gone through several of our preaching courses at GMF's Stephen Olford Center. He has taken what he has learned and turned around to teach it to pastors in his home country, the Philippines. This multiplication that comes from training pastors...

Update from India

(August 15, 2014) We praise the Lord in the completion of the translation of The Essentials In Expository Preaching both in Telugu and Hindi. In recent days Edgar, the Stephen Olford Legacy coordinator in India, screened these DVDs with over 265 pastors!

A Word from the Legacy Project Director

As we move forward with the Stephen Olford Legacy Project as Mrs. Olford envisioned, we continue to be amazed at the quality of leadership that God has raised up for this task of training pastors in the exposition of His Word. The following excerpt is an incredible...

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“Ministry to ministers is ministry to multitudes!”

Dr. Stephen Olford


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