Rev. Paul HarperAs we move forward with the Stephen Olford Legacy Project as Mrs. Olford envisioned, we continue to be amazed at the quality of leadership that God has raised up for this task of training pastors in the exposition of His Word. The following excerpt is an incredible note of praise and prayer from Francis Kupoe, one of our legacy team leaders in Ghana, who demonstrates the kind of committed leaders that we have on our legacy teams worldwide.

“Greetings to you in Christ’s name. I hope this really finds you well. I’m glad that God has given me the privilege to be part of the (Olford) center.

Allow me to take this opportunity to announce that, God willing, the center (Bible Training Center, Ghana) after a long recess will reopen again into full session by June. We have included the Stephen Olford Legacy materials into our curriculum as Preaching I & II. Our students who are pastors and church leaders come from four primary ethnic groups: Kasenas, Builsas, Nankanis, and Mamprussis. It usually takes twelve weeks of class work and then the rest of the year is used for assignments and farming.

I ask that you join with us to pray that after long standing used, the center reopens. We have come to understand that the survival of every movement depends upon leadership. Not just any kind of leadership, but leadership who are trained to know the way in and out of that movement. The center offers training that can help build leaders for the harvest, and we are committed to this end.”

These are the kind of men with whom Mrs. Olford loved to invest her time and talents! She loved preachers!

Please pray for Francis and many others like him as they extend and expand the legacy of Stephen and Heather Olford, as they train pastors and church leaders in their countries in the anointed expository preaching of the Word of God in the power of the Holy Spirit! We are committed to carry on that legacy to the honor and glory of the only One Who is worthy, the Lord Jesus Christ!

Paul M. Harper
Project Manager