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Get your church involved in training pastors internationally

Our ministry is distinctive. We are not a seminary. We are not a Bible college. We are not a church. We have a distinctive and that distinctive is: ‘Jesus is Lord,’  ‘Be ye Holy,’ and ‘Preach the Word.’ Our task is to teach men how to preach in the power of the Holy Spirit. This ministry is also dependent. We are utterly and totally dependent on the Lord for the supply of our needs. This is where you and your church can help. We need church partners to help take pastor training around the world.

Church partners are essential to the SOML.

Our Vision for Partner Churches committed to reaching the world for Jesus Christ to partner with SOML to train pastors and church leaders in the exposition of God’s Word. This will help maximize Great Commission efforts to make disciples of all nations. The Purpose for is for partnering churches to help create SOML biblical learning centers in other nations with the primary focus of training pastors in the art of Biblical exposition.

 Two Ways Your Church Can Help:

There are two essential ways churches can help us strengthen ministry around the world. This help involves churches  providing support  or serving as a training partner. Both types of help are explained below.

[two_columns ] Supporting Partners

These church partners commit to provide support to help cover:

  1. Expenses for SOML to train key pastor trainers
  2. Expenses for SOML training materials (for a specific country of interest to church)
  3. Expenses for national pastor training (for a specific area of interest to church)

[/two_columns] [two_columns_last ] Training  Partners

This type of church partner wants deeper involvement and will commit to the actual SOML training of pastors in other nations. They will function as follows:

  1. Partnering church will provide two men to be SOML Pastor Trainers
  2. Partnering church’s two SOML Pastor Trainers will assist in training the SOML International Leadership Team upon meeting SOML training requirements
  3. Partnering church will develop relationships with international leadership who are networked with pastors/churches in their country (This relationship could lead to strategic partnerships between partnering churches and the churches with whom the leadership teams are networked.)
  4. Partnering church would commit to paying mutually agreed upon amount for the initial training of international leadership and to be financial partners with SOML for three(3) years.[/two_columns_last]


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