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A Warrior’s Witness

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Men know the value of a good coach, someone to equip, mentor, and challenge them to action. A Warrior’s Witness: Living Godly Character in Post-Modern Times does just that. By identifying key traits that build on each other: wisdom, integrity, willingness, faith, strength, perseverance, and heart, and showing how Biblical men of God embodied those traits, former professional athlete and world-renowned evangelist Rick L. Willison leads the reader on a spiritual journey built on equal parts of prayer and power. His down-to-earth language, practical guidance, and insightful questions put muscle behind men’s spiritual beliefs and prepare them to live at a higher level as a Christian in today’s challenging world.

Rick wrote this book to encourage men to step up in their faith, lead their families, and make a difference in their world. Christian men aren’t wimps; they are warriors! This is a call to be true men of God, to stand and live for what is right, to take back what the devil has stolen, and to be a Warrior’s Witness!

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