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Inviting People to Christ

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Stephen Olford shares thirteen sermons, revealing his classic style of calling people to Christ. When it comes to evangelism, many pastors and teachers still find it difficult to “do the work of the evangelist.” In this book, you will learn from a seasoned pastor who believes that reaching others and preaching the gospel is not only our duty to God but also our “debt to humanity.” Olford’s thirteen evangelistic messages consist of: * complete outlines. * full introductions and conclusions. * multiple, detailed illustrations. * specific biblical references. * expanded development of expository points.

Inviting People to Christ, one of the final volumes of the Stephen Olford Biblical Preaching Library, deals with such relevant gospel themes as God’s grace, saving faith, eternal security, and the existence of heaven and hell. Many of the outlines use clever alliteration, and each sermon concludes with a specific call to decision. This reference is a much-needed addition to the library of any pastor, bi-vocational preacher, Bible study leader, or lay speaker who is interested in biblical evangelism.

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1 review for Inviting People to Christ

  1. John Hughes

    Superb, I purchased a used copy of his sermons and Dr. Olford is perhaps the best sermonizer/preacher since the Apostle Paul. His expository approach is superb.

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