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World Reach Camus in Meru

“Drs. Stephen and David Olford and the others are on the cutting edge of the Word. It is Holy Spirit anointed. It’s timeless because it is Truth. As the scripture says, “iron sharpeneth iron” and I found out (here at the center) that my iron is not as sharp as I thought it was!


Pastor Frank David

Greta, LA


“The information we are getting (here at the center) is causing us to become better in the delivery of the Word of God. People need us to be excellent .. they need us to be sharp. We can’t underestimate or undervalue the importance that we put on becoming better!


Pastor Timothy Polis

Fairmont, WV


“You will not be disappointed in how this (coming to the center) increases your ability not only to represent the Word but reach other people with an excellence of articulation in skill set in what we have been called to do”


Pastor Samuel Polis

Fairmont, WV


“The investment that you make in yourself to come to one of these conferences is an investment that will last a life time. It will not only have a change in you but will have a change in your church and community.”


Dr. Bartholomew Orr

Pastor, Brown Baptist Church


“We see the practical (application) of what we are being taught. Whatever it has cost me to be here I don’t mind. It is worth it. It is more than worth it!”


Ezekiel Ajibade

Pastor, New Bussa, Nigeria


“The value is being fed and shown other ways of preparing and presenting the gospel”


Stuart Kemsley

Precept Director

Capetown, SA


“The fire still burns in Dr. Stephen Olford in the video as it was in real life. We get the science of that preaching experience! I thought I had it altogether until I came here to the center!”


Solomon Shorter

Pastor, Woodworth, LA


“I believe and envision that our teaching at the seminars will be a great contribution to the church in SE Asia. This is the need of the hour to combat the obnoxious false teaching that are being imported into India.”


Ryder Kumar

International Director

Shepherding the Nations


“So helpful! The material given was helpful for me as a beginner who wants to be a good preacher. It contained a lot of technical strategies and helped me to accommodate my thought in developing my sermons. By applying this technique I hope the sermon can be delivered clearly to my congregation.”


Brother Mesakh

Student of Robinson Rimun

Legacy Leader, Indonesia


“All the sessions were so real and the participants listened and took notes with such a rapt attention that you could hear the drop of a pin. The Stephen Olford School of Preaching was so unique that the gains to my mind will impact the attending ministers and their ministries for good and for a long time to come. The group discussions that characterized the meeting were so encouraging, engaging and practically drove home the lessons in the hearts and minds of the participants.”


Isaya Baba

Legacy Leader, Nigeria


“It is involving, practical in nature and the need of our time.”


Dr. Inoocent Obiniyi

Pastor, Nigeria


“It is an outstanding spiritual institute that can prepare, educate and direct all those training in ministry … and those in ministry to effectively pursue the call of God.”


Akunjor Charles Agbam

Pastor, Nigeria


“We held the first ever Stephen Olford School of Preaching in the town of New Bussa, Niger State in the north of Nigeria. The three days were real beautiful times in the presence of the Lord. Everyone was blessed, motivated by the lectures and were grateful they had such an opportunity”


Ezekiel Ajibade

Legacy Leader, Nigeria


“This is to say ‘thank you’ for providing a fellowship of love for us throughout our training sessions at the Olford Center. I deeply appreciate the sessions, especially the interactive sessions. I also commend your tenacity to the Olford legacy of which we have become ambassadors.”


Gideon Adebisi

Legacy Leader, Nigeria


“Oh, how I miss being at the (Olford) Center to be fed of His Word. Please know that I have never chewed the best meal like the ones in the center. The Center is like my home for the Word!”


Paul Caampued, III

Legacy Leader, Philippines




“I have planted 30 churches, preached many sermons, traveled many countries and have heard many preachers but this man of God had true biblical anointing. How I wish I learnt the secret of anointing earlier on in my ministry. Dr. Olford preached the word most accurately and with anointing of the Spirit and I was convicted to do the same in the latter years of my ministry.”


A D Shikhamani, India

Telugu radio evangelical preacher

Student of Edgar Sathuluri


“I bemoan the fact that all the sermons that I have preached in the last 40 years were without contextual, historical or doctrinal principles. Amid my tears I now realize I have preached more error than truth. I repent and ask the Lord to help me study the scriptures diligently and correct the heresies that have crept into our 15 churches from my own preaching”.


David Raju, India

Student of Edgar Sathuluri